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Please find attached industry benchmarks.  Take page all the way to bottom to find excel and pdf files.

There are no annual surveys taken from a national viewpoint.  TRSA has commissioned Glenn Phillips and Associates to review data oncer every three years or so.  Laundry Today does an annual report out, but not to the depth of the Glenn Phillips and Associates Survey tool.

These are a collection of articles, surveys, and publications, mainly from linen supply vendors or publications who have a vested interest in helping their clients control and maintain textile investments.

The information derived can share what cost per pounds are on a national level and volume through-put for a patient/resident day.  You will need to identify which article you want through the hot link directly below.  The others are not hot linked, but there to show you sampling of articles.

Latest publication:




... risk by placing most of the risk on the supplier. It also satisfies an organization’s need to have budget certainty. There are two variables that impact the cost of electricity, market pricing and weather. ...


... savings in electricity procurement, fall into three pricing structures, the Fixed Price, Indexed Price and the Hybrid Product. Part 2 of this story is located here. Catherine Luthin has over 25 years ...


... “Everyone is different, depending on who and what you are you have to adjust your pricing strategy to meet the demands of a changing economy that can be positive one day and negative the next. Basically, ...


... exist to your business today.      Question: What are “innovative pricing solutions” for my business? Exactly what does that mean for me financially? What options might I ...


... and the Importance of the Employment Paper Trail (TRSA) FRIDAY, JUNE 24 Pricing Your Dryers for Profit (CLA) What's Your Laundry Worth? (CLA) Fashion-Forward Thinking: Rising to the Challenges ...


... as much as the next guy, maybe more. But the best price is not always the best deal. Duct cleaning companies can have large pricing differences. One can cost more than twice as much as the other, sometimes ...


... and linen.  One method of determining these values is to take physical inventory of both equipment and linen and pricing the items at current values. Since it would be reasonable to assume that ...


8. Due Diligence
(News/The Law)
... pricing strategy. Turnover in a key management position (e.g. three in two years) or in the non exempt workforce (production and delivery) can be red flags if there is a common denominator that you cannot ...


... functions. “Our relationships with our customers is based on added value of our services, rather than what we refer to in the industry as commodity pricing,” said Emeka Okeani, national vice president ...


10. Textiles - A Look To The Future!
(News/Industry News)
... industry. Unions seem to be pressuring industry on the wash practices that have been accepted for years. This pressure may cause many large laundries to adjust practices and pricing that will affect the ...


11. Selecting a Laundry Chemical Company
(Textile Web/Chemicals)
... the buyer to purchase a particular brand of chemicals. Big is not always better, just because they say it is. Evaluate the company’s reputation for service, pricing and consistency. Brand Name companies ...


... pricing.” Under this pricing option, electricity prices will change hourly based on the cost to produce the electricity. While this will provide an opportunity to shift loads back and forth to the lowest ...


13. Relocation - A Necessary Inconvenience Or An Inconvenient Necessity?
(Recruiters Corner/Candidates and Hiring)
... lease when they move, renew a lease or get transferred by your company. Pricing a home Susan Levy, president of Relocation Connection, an Atlanta relocation company recommends having several real ...


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