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2013 Education Opportunities

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  • Certified Linen and Laundry Course Seminar
  • January 15, 16 17 Atlanta, GA
  • Clean Show & Laundry Growth Tools; Subcontracting and GSA Federal Supply Schedule
  • June 20 New Orleans, LA
  • Linen Management Software selections
  • August 20  Milwaukee, WI
  • Certified Linen and Laundry Course Seminar
  • September 24, 25, 26 Miami, FL
  • Business Planning and Marketing Seminar
  • October 29  Norfolk, VA

Training Catalog


Purpose:  To provide training for all management and supervisory staff to ensure they are in the know about recommended practices and equipped with the knowledge to maintain quality, effiencient and effective operations.  



Growing Your Business

January 24, 2013 2 PM EST

Would you like to develop new revenue streams for your facility? Gain valuable tips and direction on imperative analysis and be fully aware of the impact of the growth on your operations, ensure your risk is managed effectively and select the growth opportunity with the greatest return potential.

10 Things You Should Know Before Building
or Renovating a Laundry

February 20, 2013 2 PM EST

Laundry design has a direct impact on your return on investment. Understand the importance of work flow and equipment layout in your facility.  Keep best practices in mind in the development phase and consider the benefits of going green.

Improving Patient Outcomes - Linen’s Role

March 21, 2013 2 PM EDT

Understand healthcare bedding’s impact on patient outcomes (skin integrity, patient warming, fall prevention, safe patient handling and infection prevention) and opportunities to improve clinical outcomes.

Reusable Healthcare Textiles - a Responsible Choice

April 25, 2013 2 PM EDT

Explore product selection and use of reusable textiles including the cost of purchase versus replacement, environmental impact and clinical use.

Maintenance and Utilization practices for Patient
Safety Devices (slings, lifts and sliders)

May 23, 2013 2 PM EDT

Proper maintenance, handling and processing procedures for patient safety devices are necessary to provide the best infection prevention measures and durability of the product.

Building a Successful Linen Quality Assurance Program

July 18, 2013 2 PM EDT

In today’s competitive environment it is of utmost importance to provide a high quality, hygienically clean product to the end user. Learn how to build a successful quality assurance performance improvement program targeted to patient health outcomes.

Zero Waste Stream

 August 15, 2013 2 PM EDT

Understand the zero waste goals that might affect your operations, what the impact may be and develop strategies to comply with zero waste goals in your community.

Coaching Staff to Save Money and Protect Resources

September 16, 2013 2 PM EDT

Engage your staff as the eyes and ears of your facility and teach them to identify maintenance issues, linen abuse, linen waste and other problems before they get out of hand. Eliminate the waste and combat potential problems to save money.

Laundry and Linen Management for Hospitality Professionals

October 17, 2013 2 PM EDT

Understand and employ practices that make your hotel’s laundry operation more efficient and effective in producing quality laundered bedding, table linens and other textiles. 

Common Offenders - Dealing with Special Soils

November 21, 2013 2 PM EST

What do lipstick, blood, iodine, suntan oil, butter, tape, rust and grease have in common? If not properly treated when found on your linens, they leave a stain to remember them by. Learn how to identify and appropriately treat these special soils to best manage your bottom line.


Front line training for your greatest resource: the team who handles your linen on a day to day basis.  The technician series provides key education to those who are hands-on in processing and distribution. 



Infection Control                                         

February 5, 2013 2 PM EST

Laundry employees come into direct contact with bodily fluids and other contaminates on a daily basis. Protect yourself and your coworkers by vigilance to prevention measures and understanding modes of transmission. Working on the clean side? You may not be personally at risk, but your adherence to infection control procedures is imperative to ensure you do not contaminate the textiles you process.

The Clean Facility

May 30, 2014 2 PM EDT

A clean working environment not only makes for a more pleasant, safer, work day, it directly impacts the quality and integrity of your products, the durability of your equipment. Understand the significance and importance of your role in following cleaning procedures.

The role of team leaders/supervisors

August 29, 2013 2 PM EDT

Rising up the ranks to a team leader/supervisor comes with heightened responsibilities with production and quality assurance. The individual’s new role often includes management responsibilities over former peers. Gain a better understanding of supervisor responsibilities and decide if the management track is for you. Or, develop a greater appreciation for your counterpart turned supervisor’s obligations and understand how your working relationship must adjust.

The Science of Fill Rates

December 5, 2013 2 PM EST

When anxiety rises over whether enough linens will be available to meet the anticipated need, linens find their way to hiding places and hoarding begins. Then, less soiled linens make their way back to be processed and less clean linens are available for the next delivery. Learn your role in stopping the vicious cycle.


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