2014 Learning Opportunities for Laundry

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2014 Webinar Training Series

Operating a quality efficient operation requires that training is provided throughout the operation, not just to management personnel. ALM's Webinar Training Series provides training programs specific to all aspects of operations and are priced to be an efficient means for providing education to your entire team. 

  • SourceAmerica affiliates cost included regardless of the number of attendees present
  • Contact hours and proof of attendance provided for all attendees
  • Format encourages discussion at your location increasing learning opportunities  

Provide training for all management and supervisory staff to ensure they are in the know about recommended practices and equipped with the knowledge to maintain quality, efficient and effective operations.  

Webinar Registration Fees: None if registered through SourceAmerica...click on the book to find out more.

1 Session:  $49.95 Members/$75 Non MembersBook SourceAmerica Laundry.jpg
3 Sessions:  $125 Members/$188 Non Members
6 Sessions:  $249 Members/$375 Non Members   
Full Series:  $375 Members/$563 Non Members


Set Expectations, Track Results and Make an Impact on Your Bottom Line

January 23, 2014


Fail to plan, and you plan to fail.  Learn the importance of industrial engineering standards, which indicate the capacity of your operations and provide the criteria for measuring and motivating employee performance.  Understand how creating standards throughout the plant allows you to compare various departments and determine their effect on the bottom line.  Recognize how standards help to plan – and adjust – production.  Discover the kind of analyses that are possible, using standards to evaluate personnel, equipment, and process flow.  Plan, and succeed!


Presented by:  Jon Witschy, Spindle Technologies

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Keep Rising Utility Costs at Bay

February 20, 2014


Saving money starts with watching pennies because pennies add up to big bucks when utilities are concerned. Utilities within a laundry amass to 7-11% of the cost of operations. This session will inform you about how and what to track from your energy usage and provide some options to employ within your facility to save money.

Presented by:  David Chadsey, Laundry-Consulting.Com

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Making Sense of the Tunnel

March 20, 2014


Having the right equipment for your processing volume is essential for maximizing your business operations. Explore the functionality of a CBW system to determine whether it would be of benefit to acquire during your next equipment upgrade.


Presented by:  Seth Willer, Continental Girbau

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Maximizing Linen Distribution Methods

April 17, 2014

Efficiency is a key to success in today’s healthcare climate. Explore the wide array of options for linen distribution and discover a few customized approaches that may help your organization minimize staffing necessary to complete this task.

Presented by:  Sarah James, IPA

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Green Conspiracy:  Saving the Environment Without Breaking Your Budget

May 15, 2014


 Laundry processors must be aware of their impact on the environment but how can you save the environment without losing money? This program will evaluate options, the ROI, and how to develop a Green Strategic Plan that works.

Presented by:  Ed Kwasnick, Arco Murray

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Proactive Customer Service

July 17, 2014


Being proactive to customer needs will win major kudos for the service provided by you and your team. Whether your customers are internal or external, anticipating challenges, providing solutions and advising them on cost savings options is a great way to build a rapport and solidify relationships. 

Presented by:  TBD

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Analyzing ROI before you Build Buy or Expand

 August 7, 2014


Capital investments in equipment, automation and expansion may increase profitability and may produce a rapid return on investment if the right factors exist. However, they also may be an additional financial drain for your company if the proper analysis is not done and considered during the decision process. Learn how to make purchasing decisions with confidence through payback analysis and ROI calculations.

Presented by:  TBD, Turn Key Engineering Services

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 PM:  It's All In the Planning

September 18, 2014


Sixty Percent of all Maintenance Programs should be preventative. Having a solid plan in place will improve productivity by decreasing downtime and create a safer working environment, and improve the lifetime of your equipment. This session will teach you the essential components of a preventative maintenance program.

Presented by:  Bob Corfield, Laundry Design Group

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Be Kind to My Linen.  Your Budget Will Thank Me.

October 9, 2014


Linen acquisition is a major investment for healthcare facilities and oftentimes the life of the investment is cut short when clinicians are uninformed about proper handling and best practices. Linen management staff and laundry personnel can impact the loss rate through regular education and awareness programs. This session will include ideas and techniques to spread the word and help identify opportunities to reduce losses.

Presented by:  TBD

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Setting and Adjusting Par Levels:  It's PARamount to Meeting Needs

 November 20, 2014


Setting appropriate par levels are critical to ensure the right product, in the right amount are at the right place, at the right time. Doing so, will help you avoid shortages and will prevent you from supplying excess linen, which is costly. Participate in this session to learn about the factors that impact par levels, learn how to set par levels and when to adjust them.

Presented by: Barbara Williams, Standard Textile

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How to Get a Laundry on the PL (How to Tools) including the Federal Supply Schedule.

Page 141 in the Training Catalogue.

Held concurrently with the ALM National Conference. Tampa, Florida  June 9 (one day seminar)

Ask me, you will be registered for the ALM conference below (no charge).  Click on the tree of learning if you desire to learn more.  Must register through the SourceAmerica http://www.sourceamerica.org/academy



ALM 2014 Educational Conference
June 9-11, 2014

Join us for the 2014 ALM Educational Conference at the Saddlebrook Resort in the Tampa Bay area.This event features a blockbuster agenda of educational programming developed with your changing needs in mind.  You'll leave the conference with a greater understanding about healthcare reform, ways to streamline your operations to meet those tightening budgets, and with a multitude of ideas to grow your revenues and improve your bottom line.   

The top educational line up is just the beginning of the total conference experience; we'll also be premiering two new events at the conference:


 Lunch and Learn
You'll dine on cuisine prepared by the Saddlebrook Resort's award winning chef while participating in mini-educational sessions.  Each course of the meal is paired with a presentation by one of our Allied Trade Partner members.  This event turns the former Vendor Fair upside down by encouraging vendors to provide you with recommendations, advice and insight through their educational product presentations.

 Cabana Crawl
The second new event is the Cabana Crawl.  For your Tuesday evening entertainment, you will crawl through three vendor hospitality areas featuring refreshments, entertainment and giveaways.


Amidst all of the new events at the conference, tradition is not lost. The ALM Award's reception and banquet will honor ALM's 75th anniversary. You'll be treated to a walk down memory lane with a presentation about our past, a celebration of our present and inspiration for the future.

The 2014 Educational conference will not disppoint. In just three days, we'll EDUCATE you about the future, EMPOWERyou to make a difference and deliver an experience that you'll ENJOY!



Certified Linen and Laundry Manager - with final exam

October 5,7,  2014  Charleston, South Carolina

Page 125 in the Training Catalogue

Certified Laundry and Linen Management

The CLLM seminar program is an ideal introductory program to laundry processing and linen distribution. This is an excellent tool for managerial personnel entering the laundry industry, including textile care sales professionals. Viewed as a comprehensive overview of the issues impacting laundry operations, this program is recognized in the industry as the minimal educational requirement for many government contracts.

The material addresses Laundry Management & Leadership; The Basics of Textiles; Laundry Equipment; Laundry Production; Linen Management; Chemistry; Infection Control; and Laundry Guidelines and Safety Regulations. The publication is evaluated for revision on a three year cycle. The certification examination is reviewed for revision annually.

Program requirements – A high school diploma or G.E.D. is a prerequisite for this program. Participants have one year to complete the certification exam before eligibility lapses.  Note:  Effective, with new enrollments as of August 1, 2013, certification exams will only be administered through a testing facility.  CLLM candidates will be responsible for paying the applicable proctoring fee.   After successful completion of the examination, certificant’s are required to submit proof of continuing education every three years.

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