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Link Below will take you to the 2011 Training Catalog

Link Below will take you the to the Lending Library


The Lending Library provides resources that help support staff and organizational needs to NPAs with current AbilityOne Program contracts. It currently contains training materials on VHS, DVD and CD-ROM, training manuals to support classroom-based activities, and salary surveys covering the non-profit sector.

NISH covers the cost of shipping the videotapes to and from the borrower. NPAs are encouraged to suggest new titles or tapes about subjects that are not currently in the library. If you would like to suggest a topic or tape, please contact Lorraine Chan at

Up to three (3) videos and/or training manuals may be requested at one time, and items may be kept for 30 days. Late fees may be assessed for items that are not returned, lost, or damaged.

To request materials, please visit our registration system at If you already have a learner account, go to the Second Floor > Lending Library. If not, please create a learner account to access our all-in-one registration system, which includes classroom courses, online elearning courses and the lending library.

Please contact Marc Rene at if you have any questions.

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