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Enhanced Use Lease EUL

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Enhanced-Use Lease (EUL)
Welcome to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) enhanced-use lease (EUL) website.  EUL is an important component of the VA’s overall asset management program.  The program is unique among Federal agencies, and is considered an innovative method of acquiring needed facilities, goods, and services through engagements in public/private ventures.  In return for allowing VA property to be leased for non-VA uses (which must be compatible with or benefit the Department’s mission) on Department-controlled land, VA can require rent in the form of, monetary payments or other “in-kind” consideration, which in the opinion of the Secretary enhances a particular VA activity’s mission.  The program was authorized by law in 1991 and is managed by the Office of Asset Enterprise Management in the Office of the Assistant Secretary Management.  VA has completed a variety of projects since the enactment of the EUL statute, including office buildings, parking facilities, low-cost senior housing, co-generation (heat and electricity) energy plants, single room occupancy housing (homeless shelters), and child care and mental health centers.  VA currently has over 50 active awarded leases and is engaged in developing additional projects.


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