Safety/Regulations & Training

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This page has links to safety information that complies with OSHA; FDA; EPA; and general industry standards.

At the very least, you wil need:

Safety Plan

  • Blood Borne Pathogen Standards
      • PPE's
      • Exposure Plan
      • Sharps Log
      • Hand Washing Stations
      • Training
  • Lock Out Tag Out
    • Training
  • Fall Prevention
    • Training
  • Fire Safety
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Fire Egress Plan
    • Traffic Lane Markings/Signage
    • Fire Drill (active learning experiences)
    • Fire Reviews/Training
  • Confined Space
    • Equipment Assessment
    • Equipment/Space Identification
    • Confined Space Entry Permit
    • Confined Space Training
  • Electrical Safety
    • Use of extension cords
    • Identification of un-safe conditions
    • Training
  • Cart movement/pushing, pulling and lifting
    • Techniques
    • Training
  • Powered Lift Truck/Fork-lift Training and Certification
    • Training
  • Right To Know
    • Labeling Policy and Practices/Training
    • Handling Policy and Practices/Training
    • Hazardous Exposure
      • Identification of hazardous chemicals
      • Identification of special training and handling techniques
        • Practices/Policies
          • PPE's

Infection Control

    • Policy/Practices
    • Training
    • Monitoring


    • Policy/Practices
    • Equipment Operation


Sample Policy Manual available upon request.

             Other examples attached as files at bottom of this page.


Safety on-line tools for policy and procedures  General Healthcare Safety Laundry Macinery & Operations  Powered industrial truck requirements Eye and Face PPE's maintenance requirements    Cytotoxic Drugs (Hazardous Drugs)  Laundry robotic shuttle systems

<OSHA Interpretations for Laundries  Fire Safety  Egress  Bloodborne Pathogen Standard  Permit Required Confined Spaces  Personal Protective Equipment\  Hazard Communication (Right To Know Law) Lock Out Tag Out  Guarding Floor and Wall Openings  Occupational Noise Levels  Fall Protection             Marking of passageways


OSHA interpretation for automated shuttle systems (like between press and dryers)


OSHA Training Centers (Staff Trainer can be OSHA certified)

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