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TRSA holds the strongest position as stated:


The Truth about Shop Towels

From the moment they are manufactured through their industrial use and disposal, reusables have less environmental impact than disposables and are more economical

Assessment: Health-Risk-Free Alternative
Shop towel soils are handled in accordance with EPA regulations and neutralized through commercial laundering. Each wash removes enough to eliminate any risk to human health in their reuse. This contrasts with paper industrial wipers that contain hazardous wastes, which are often thrown away without regard to disposal laws, imperiling landfills and solid waste handlers.
Click Here for Health Assessment Findings

Position Paper: Flawed Analysis Promotes Disposables
Studies funded by disposable industrial wiper marketers insinuate health impacts from shop towel use but don’t prove them. Research protocols don’t measure how soil leaches from these towels. Federal safety standards are ignored. To assist textile services operators in countering unfounded claims, TRSA offers a free position paper, “Attacks on Laundered Shop Towels: Why Now? What’s Next?”
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Fact Sheet: Why Reusables Are Greener, More Cost-Effective
It’s as simple as the difference between keeping something and throwing it away: reused shop towels fit EPA’s profile for conservation while disposed paper and nonwoven wipers do not. In managing any materials, EPA first wants you to consider reducing their use, then reusing and recycling them. Laundered shop towels are better than ever in wiping efficiency, minimizing solid waste and energy consumption. Shop towels are also the better choice for absorbency and economy.
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Industry Best Practices: Time-Tested Launderers' Techniques
TRSA members are dedicated to safe, sustainable and cost-effective business practices. Their handling and laundry processing of shop towels reflects their commitment to providing conscientious service and achieving the highest quality. Shop towel service is most effective when laundries and customers partner in determining each user location's needs for handling, storage, pickup and delivery.
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YouTube Videos: Ridiculing the Satire
Disposable industrial wiper marketers are having a hard time disproving the safety of reusable shop towel use. So they resort to comical video tactics that portray shop towels as food to infer that they get into people’s bodies. It’s ridiculous—such a bogus technique that it needs to be highlighted and lampooned. Just by watching TRSA videos that do this, you can help preserve shop towels' competitive edge.
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